Sunday 2 September 2018

Love Letters

I recently heard a wonderful, true story about love letters and wanted to share it with you.

A Spanish woman, whom I will call Carla, wanted a divorce.  Carla was not happy in her marriage and longed for romance and intimacy that her husband could not, or did not want to, share with her.

Carla asked her husband for a divorce but he strongly refused. He told her if she attempted to begin divorce proceedings, he would make it very difficult for her.

Not wanting to force the issue, Carla decided to be patient and bide her time, hoping that eventually he would change his mind and set her free.

She contemplated how else she could allow the romance she craved into her life.  Carla was not seeking an affair, she wanted real, committed, beautiful romance.  An idea came to her to begin to write love letters to herself.

Carla imagined the sort of loving attention she desired.  She imagined what she would like to hear from her lover if it was a real romance.  Something like below. (not a true transcript)

Dear Carla, I long for your touch, for your love, for your heart to merge with mine. The way you brush your hair from your shoulders sends electric shocks up my spine, your rhythmic voice is music to my ears.  etc etc  She signed it with the same fictional name each time.

Carla began to write more and more letters as it gave her much satisfaction and left each one in a drawer she thought was somewhere her husband would never find them.

One day she arrived home and her husband was waiting for her with her precious love letters in his hand. She felt her heart sink and anticipated the onslaught of his anger.  Carla was totally surprised when he simply said  "I cannot compete with this! I will give you a divorce."

Carla was so happy and eventually met a wonderful, romantically inclined man and re married.

The moral of the story is, if we want love, we don't have to wait, we can draw it in by focusing on what we desire.  When we focus on what we don't have, we create more of what we don't have.  I will leave you with two questions to contemplate.

What is it in your life that you want, but keep focusing on not having ? 

What is one thing you could do to bring the energy of this into your life in a positive way?

I have faith in your inner wisdom, I hope you do too!

Have a great September!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Will I be changing employer this year?

When I tune in I get a sense of a tall angel around you. I feel it is Archangel Gabriel who brings a message of self expression and creativity.  I feel you have outgrown the current job you are in, just like clothes that don't fit you anymore. I sense that Spirit wants to see you in a job that allows more room for you to move and express who you truly are. Be alert and aware of opportunities as I feel the job that is right for you is coming in around you within a matter of months.  Spirit commends you on being so tuned in and trusting your intuitive guidance.

Does Spirit have any messages for me?
Miss H 

I sense you have several people around you in Spirit and one lovely older lady brings in red roses and asks that you do not give up on love.  She says the more you love yourself, the more others will love you. I see you on the beach looking happy and free and there is good news coming in around you regarding increased income.  You are very loved!

Am I on the right track of finding my life partner? I am using non attachment and allowing.
Miss J

I sense you have been through a lot in your life and have gained much wisdom. I get a flash of you incubating this future relationship for the perfect timing. Its like on some higher self level you have already manifested it and it just has to come into the physical. Keep doing what you are doing, it will be worth the wait!  

Will things work out for my partner and I so I can be a bigger part of his and his kids lives?
Miss M

I feel a grandmotherly energy coming in around you from Spirit who loves you very much, she may be grandmother or great grandmother and is connected to the name Mary, or a similar name. She knows you have been learning patience through this relationship and advises to wait and see. I feel like forcing issues doesn't get you anywhere, better to stay on the outside looking in for now if you get my meaning.  I feel this is a gradual process and that it is already happening, just very slowly. Its all good, enjoy where the relationship is now, as it is all part of the journey.

I am feeling a bit adrift and wonder if Spirit can offer me any guidance to find my purpose and help me find out why?
Miss C

I feel a mother figure around you in Spirit who brings through lovely violet flowers and a sense of unconditional love.  She is trying to comfort you and soothe you at night time particularly.  She said if only you knew how beautiful you were or could see yourself through her eyes you would feel happier. I think this woman is connected to a Margaret. Do what brings you joy and listen to your inner whispers and intuition as you are more wise than you know. Your energy is one of a natural healer and Spirit encourages any study or expansion around the healing arts. You have much love to give.  The next few years I sense you will find your niche.

My cat has to have an eye removed this week and I was wanting any guidance from Spirit that may be helpful.

I get a father figure around you in Spirit who sends you much love. He calls the cat 'kitty' and says what a delightful pussy cat it is. I sense the end result of the operation gives the kitty relief and that she will adjust very well.  He is honouring your love and care you give to your lovely cat.  Your healing energy goes a long way. There is another pussy cat in Spirit, a black one helping you and  puss through this. All will be well.

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