Sunday 4 August 2019

Has Spirit Forgotten You?

I know the feeling. You believe in Spirit, you try to trust, you try to make good choices and read and listen to inspirational information. Perhaps you meditate, do yoga and eat organic food and deep down you know that you are connected to something so much bigger than you understand...BUT why does it feel like you're floundering down here on earth some days and the thought creeps up, why Spirit, why are you doing this to me or why have you forgotten me ?

Well the way I see it, I believe in the school of thought that the planet is one big classroom. That means that everything happens for a reason and even if it is a mistake than its a learning curve. That may sound simplistic and not answer our burning questions about violence, death, hunger and destruction. Yet, perhaps we are not meant to understand everything and know all the answers and perhaps its okay to be living in the moment and not knowing where we are heading.

Oprah Winfrey wrote a book called, 'What I know For Sure' and although I never finished reading it, I liked the title. What I know for sure is that there seems to be a basic urge for connection with others, including all life forms, ie people, pets, nature etc. I suspect this is because consciousness is meant to evolve and the way we evolve is through connection to each other and life force energy.

Last week I had the saddest task of euthanasing my beautiful companion Charlie, who presented his life force consciousness in the body of a dog. (a terrier x Shitzu to be exact)

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I am missing him so much! However, Charlie continued to teach and help me evolve up to the end of his life by allowing me to be part of his passing over, or should I say vacating his vessel.

In the thirteen years we spent together, Charlie consistently reminded me of innocence, joy and unconditional love. He was a puppy until the end. Through knowing the consciousness that inhabited the body of Charlie, I evolved, right up to his last breath.

The last week he was alive, he allowed me to be his carer, healer and comforter as he became so weak and helpless. As my husband and I walked away from his body after he vacated it, I saw no one home in his eyes, he was not there in that cute, tan coloured body anymore.

I can only hope that the love he received from me and my family helped his consciousness to evolve also.
Rest in blissful peace, my angel Charlie, 2006 - 2019

So, has Spirit forgotten me? Has Spirit forgotten you? No, I don't think so, the wheels just keep turning and perhaps the most self caring choice we can make is to trust that everything is working out in ways that we may not always understand. I sense that there is a bigger picture going on that gets revealed to us at the right time.  In the meantime, we can trust, we can ask Spirit for help and guidance and be open to how that manifests.

Does it mean we won't flounder, feel fear, grief, anger or uncertainty? No, but we can be comforted knowing that Spirit, or a divine power, call it what you will,  is with us even when we can't feel it and that this gift of  life, well, is pretty special!

Have a great August!

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

 I would love to know where my future is headed in the next month.

Dear Maddie, our future lies not only in fate, but in our choices. Do not underestimate your own power and ability to make positive choices. In many ways, that is why we are here, to develop our free will. Spirit trusts you enough to know you can make positive choices in the next month that contribute to a fulfilling time ahead.
Spirit advises you make choices based on your gut feelings and not what you think you should do. I know it can be confusing but perhaps imagine you were giving your best friend advice in the same situation as you, what would you tell them? A tall angel walks by your side who I feel is like a guardian. She will help you create new beginnings in the near future. Keep asking Spirit for help and they will answer you in subtle but meaningful ways. Wish you all the best.

 Can I have guidance on next steps in my career and if change is approaching and if so, any wisdom on the best path to consider? Kelly

Dear Kelly, Spirit applauds your sincerity and kindness and have been hearing your prayers and wants to remind you that you always land on your feet and that each opportunity is a platform for you to grow. It seems you are outgrowing current conditions and opportunities for growth and expansion are afoot. I get that by the end of August, the next steps are clear, it will be your choice to walk through them.  Wishing you all the best for your future.

 Hi Liz, my husband has a very stressful job and things are not going okay at the moment. Do you see improvement in his current work environment or a change in career? This is really effecting his health, he is not seeing that he is going in depression. Thank you for all you positive energy. Yolanda

Hi Yolanda, I understand its difficult to watch those we love in pain but this is something only he can change. Keep loving and supporting him and he will soon realise that he deserves more and then attract new opportunities. I feel he is working through some deeper issues internally and that this job has been the catalyst to bring things to the surface for healing. This is a stage he goes through that brings wisdom but definitely a temporary one. Keep the faith, all will be well.

I am feeling lost at the moment and wondering what’s installed for me work wise in the near future? Debbie

Dear Debbie, I feel your concern and worry and I sense there is an older gentleman in Spirit around you who was very kind and loving, either a Dad or a Grandad. He called you popsie, or something like that. He said anyone who gets you as their employee is a lucky indeed and start owning your power girl! You can stay in your current job as long as you want or manifest new opportunities. Trust your gut and ignore the negative talk around you. You have a beautiful light and help more people than you realise.

 I am working on an art commission which is not going well. Will it work out? Zoya

Dear Zoya, 
This situation is testing your self confidence and creating an opportunity to dig deep. I feel your loved ones in Spirit and Spirit Guides working with you. An American Indian guide around you wears brown fur (Bear maybe?) and he says not to focus on the outcome so much but bring yourself into the present moment and work from the heart, not from the stress. If you can find the discipline and strength to get centered whilst doing this project, they will work through you. Give it over to Spirit and face the the fear of the worst outcome, and at the end of the day you will see that you are indeed a beacon of light for Spirit and that is what matters. All will work out exactly as it is meant to. Sending prayers  

Does Spirit have any messages for me? Davey

Dear Davey, I sense mother and brothers around you in Spirit with champagne and symbols of celebrating. I sense there is good news around money or career for either you or your partner. They love something you have been creating lately, something creative with your hands, maybe with wood? They love it when you and your partner go away for a weekend, even if it is not far away, live and enjoy they are saying, your light helps many. Cheers

 Can my guides and angels please tell me how the future looks with S? We know we are soul mates, and the road has always been so very hard. will it ease up? Anonymous

Dear Anonymous
road you two are walking is at times intense but and I feel there are many around you in Spirit guiding you both. Your challenge is to bring out the best in each other and I feel you will get through this current phase soon.  I see you both arriving in a place of peace with each other mainly because neither of you want to walk away, that you will work it out. Keep praying and asking for help as you have been and things will improve. Also some self care time out for you could be helpful but I guess you know that, even small things make a difference. Best wishes

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