Sunday 1 September 2019

Here Comes the Sun

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YAY! September is here! Spring time, my favourite season. New beginnings, fresh starts, floral scents and new awakenings are all gifts on offer in Springtime. The New Moon in Virgo last week was perfect accompaniment energy for new beginnings.

After the intensity energy levels in previous months, things are beginning to shift and realign.

This month I was guided to share a message for us all from my book, Gifts of Guidance, Fifty Messages. Spirit and I co created fifty messages, that you can choose, much like a deck of angel cards.

It seemed apt that the message called 'The Sun' came up!

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Message 3

The Messenger
The Sun
If light is in your heart, you will find your way home’   Rumi

The Vision
Sunlight streaming through a dark forest.

The Message
It is time to open your heart to the light; to see the light in yourself and the world around you. We have a choice to count our blessings or to focus on what is not right in ourselves and in our lives. Gratitude is a quiet power that we have only begun to touch on.
In this moment, consider one positive attribute about yourself. Send love and gratitude to that quality, then name another quality you love about yourself and you will soon become aware of many of your inner gifts.
Focus on a situation that is bothering you right now. Within each shadow is a gift; are you learning wisdom, patience or perhaps being honest with yourself and others?
The light is here to help you simply by acknowledging its existence. Darkness is but an illusion as when light appears, darkness vanishes.
The light and truth will now shine on whatever concerns you today. Whatever challenges you now face, look for the silver lining and clarity shall be yours.

The Lesson
Awareness and acceptance of the light within.

Power Choice
·     Open the curtains, allow the light in
·     Burn candles
·     Breathe in light
·     Spend time in the sun
·     Focus on gratitude.

Momentary Meditation
Inhale deeply while visualising light entering your lungs. Hold this light in for a few seconds and then exhale darkness, making room for the light. You can now breathe in light easily and gently.

‘I am the light.’

Liz’s Comments
This message asks us to release superficial judgements of ourselves and situations we are in. It encourages us to search deeper in our hearts rather than accepting everything our mind tells us as the truth. Now is an opportunity to ascend to a higher level of understanding.
In moments of meditation throughout my life, there have been some special moments where I completely became one with light. Once, as a teenager, I was innocently walking to the laundromat when for approximately five seconds, quite randomly, I was above my body watching it walk down the street. Those five seconds altered my whole outlook on life as I merged with a light and power that encompassed me in complete peace.
More recently, I had an outer body experience during a meditation. I found myself hovering over planet Earth and was totally in love with every square inch of it. No judgement or fear. I just felt unconditional love. Perhaps you have had a similar experience.
Although fleeting, in those timeless moments I became one with everything. I knew everything there was to know. I sense this is what death is like, being one with the light and being able to be in an endless moment of unconditional love. There truly is a part within us that is connected to each other and all things.
Although we often feel separated from ‘source’ in human form, the light within us is consistent and accessible. We can call on our angels, helpers and guides to assist our connection.
Spirit can help us more easily when we make a conscious effort to focus on the light and on our inner selves. Such is the importance of spending time within and seeking balance and harmony in our lives.
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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.


Do you think we will be moving house in the near future?
Ms H

Dear Ms H, when I tune in I sense that your guides are trying to help you cut through the confusion but it is hard for you to hear them. They suggest you get some quiet time, either meditation or time out in nature to download their guidance and get a sense of what you really want. I sense if you make the effort to be quiet, Spirit will be loud and clear. Besides that message, I do sense that it is time for change and that there will be a move. I do see a peaceful green place that you are quite happy living in. Whatever the future brings regarding home, I feel its a good one.

I am feeling drawn to a change of direction with career and like the idea of starting my own business. Is this a good idea?

Dear Misha,  the fact you are 'feeling drawn'  says to me, that you are being guided and I would honour that. I sense your own business would be a great success but the transition period may be hard work, yet your passion will be your fuel. At the end of the day, as you know, a lot of what happens in life is based on free will and choice. If you choose this path, Spirit will support you all the way. I do feel however not to leave your current job at this point but to start taking steps towards your own business. I also feel there may be an opportunity to work in a environment, for somebody else in the near future, that will be similar to the business you would like to create. Get manifesting! You can do it and it will be SO rewarding!

I would love some guidance around offering my readings, I am so ready but the practical and the particulars seem to be stalling me and am not sure how to proceed.
Miss SF

Dear Miss SF, I sense an older lady around you in Spirit who was very intuitive in her life, a relative, perhaps on your father's side of the family. She is a strong character and is pushing you to share your wonderful gifts. She is very practical and saying 'just start!' She is showing me a market atmosphere and also reading from a balcony somewhere that looks like a country side healing retreat or space. Once you begin, you will activate energy and more opportunities will come. As you say, you are so ready. Just start and the universe will guide you. This lady also shows me some business cards. Best of luck, the world needs your light!

My kitty has been ill in and out of hospital, does Spirit have a message for me? 

Dear Zoya, I am so sorry to hear about your Kitty and understand the worry and financial burden you are experiencing. When I tune in on Kitty, I feel she is tired and uncomfortable and part of her would like to go home to Spirit. However, only you can decide what best for both of you right now. I do see some improvement in the next few weeks, but in a way I feel what is happening now is preparation for when she does decide to go home. I feel your other pussy cat in Spirit is very close around you bringing you much comfort. I hear a little bell ringing, maybe she wore one around her neck. Much love and healing light to you and Kitty!

After a long break away from Australia I'm returning next week and would like to know how work life would look like in the next few months? Daniella

Dear Daniella, I feel a father figure energy around you in Spirit who is guiding you at this time with practical decisions. I sense he may have passed before his time and was a grounded sort of fellow. He says you are in tune as you are returning at the perfect time where unexpected opportunities will arise. You will have a few choices of career direction but the one you choose will give activate joy and enthusiasm. I feel it will be a helpful role and bring you satisfaction. All will be well. Welcome back !

I am looking for any insight on moving forward. I have taken a couple of steps, where to now?
Ms. K 

Dear Ms K, You have many loving people in Spirit around you who are excited for your future. I feel like you are travelling overseas and laughing a lot. I had a flash of somewhere that looked a little like Arizona. I sense you are ready to let some new people into your life, not that you will seek them out, I feel that they will just turn up. I also saw you doing something very creative with your hands, maybe weaving, dream catchers (?), leather work, fabrics etc. Now is the time for you. Be open to the new.  Doing some sort of intentional vision quest could also be quite helpful to you now.  Wishing you all the best for your fabulous future!


  1. I appreciate it Liz. Your first book was awesome. I won a free copy from you in 2013. 🙂 Do you still have that radio programme?

  2. I was thinking I wish I had that book with me �� Perfect answer for my question you really are amazing & I also experienced above myself I think I told u about it it also changed my life forever. I also had a car accident 25?years ago where I went to the other side it was so peaceful so ur right about that then my twin sister asked me about my kids n I came back I also was in deep grief about 16 years ago & was driving & I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness knowing everything was going to be ok & what was happening was leading to my life being better it was all about my partner at the time n I was right �� I Love You Big ������Xx

    1. Thanks Ashlee, love hearing about your experiences, thanks you for being so supportive of my work, love you big too xxx