Sunday 6 October 2019

Bending To Catch The Light

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As my car danced around the curvy cliffs of a road I knew so well, I turned the music up and sang joyfully away, enjoying my own space and knowing no one had to tolerate my singing voice.  Half way through the second chorus, a voice from deep within became louder than the music, it said SLOW DOWN! I quickly braked. Upon turning the next corner, a car was heading directly towards me, and I somehow gracefully swerved to avoid it.  If not for the loud voice of warning, who knows what the outcome would have been. 

I am sure many of you can recall a moment or many moments in your life where you were obviously guided by a higher power within yourself, or perhaps it was the voice of a loved one in Spirit. The example above paints a picture of where the voice of guidance was particularly loud, but each day of our life we have access to quiet inner guidance that we are often not aware of.

It’s the subtle feelings, the whispers of quiet downloads and a deep inside knowing that clamours for attention, competing with the loud and forceful logical thoughts.

Our inner light is often dimmed by expectations we place on ourselves, collective ideas we absorb by osmosis, by other’s ideals and old, outdated beliefs.

Learning to acknowledge our inner guidance is an unlearning process. It actually involves a realignment of values. We have the power to choose.  We can value the subtle whispers of our soul more so than the thoughts that obviously do not serve us.  For example, thoughts such as, ‘we are less’ or ‘we are not lovable’.  This is where the shift can begin, allowing us to live a more authentic, guided and peaceful life.

So how do we switch our ratio of faith to favour intuition as much as logic? 

Allow inner stillness, even for short periods of time.  Become an observer, a witness to your life experience.  Stand back and watch the thoughts that come and go and question whether they are really serving you. If you assess that a line of thought is not serving you, be creative and choose a new perspective. The thought process that announces you have failed can become recognition of an opportunity for learning.

Training one’s mind to recognise the difference between truth and fallacy, love and fear, trust and worry may be a lifelong process and one we may never completely master. However, we have much to gain and nothing to lose by firstly recognising and then honouring our higher nature.

In essence we are light. We are more powerful than we know. Let us become the tree that bends to catch the light. When we make that effort from the heart, a wonderful universal law is activated. We take one step and the Universe takes ten thousand. 

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month. (although that won't be until 2020 now, wow that sounds weird!)

Question   I would like to know any updates about my love life as I feel the energy is shifting around me now. Elena 

I feel the romance angels are around you so I assume you have been asking for Spirit's help! I sense you are in a more receptive state to receive love and abundance in your relationships so well done for all the inner work you have been doing.  I am shown a vision of you looking happy and laughing with a partner. Keep moving forward and trust that all your needs will be met. You are on the right track.

I feel like I am stuck repeating a pattern in relationships that I am aware of intellectually and feel energetically but have not been able to release on a cellular level. How can I do so? Anonymous

I admire that you are so aware of your pattern but perhaps for you it makes it even more frustrating! I sense a beautiful tall angel around you helping you with this issue and the more I tune in I sense it is Archangel Raphael, the healing angel and he shows me your cells and auric field in motion, shifting and changing. My sense is that it is actually changing on some deep level that perhaps has not caught up to your conscious awareness, so hang in there.  Also, I know this sounds a bit obvious and I am sure you are already aware, but I feel at the end of the day it boils down to self worth and believing deeply that you deserve the best. Well done for all the work you have done on yourself. Have faith, it will pay off!

Can Spirit give me some guidance about my future direction regarding where to put my time and energy regarding income. Lisa

I feel so many loved ones in Spirit around you, many family members who bring you a huge bouquet of colourful flowers and a sense of encouragement. You have been learning big lessons around patience but you are getting there and coming out the wiser for it. I sense time wise March and April next year will be where you really feel like you are moving forward. Before then I get that things come in bits and bobs if you know what I mean. I don.t feel that Spirit wants you to worry too much at this stage about putting too much energy out as you need healing time a bit longer. However, when the time is right, I feel like you are doing something creative with your hands and selling whatever it is you are making.  I also had a flash of markets or stalls, maybe more for promotion.  I am not sure if you already have a website but saw sales there.  I saw you enjoying nature and animals. Trust  your inner guidance as I feel you are hearing Spirit often.


  1. Am I getting to the point of alignment and enlightenment with my spirit guide or past loved ones

    1. Hi there, questions are closed for this blog but you are welcome to submit for next month. Thank you for taking an interest in the blog, much light to you !