Sunday 3 November 2019

Darkness before the Dawn
As I scroll through social media, I notice that people in general look more tired than usual, worn down with a hint of defeat behind their eyes. It is as though the sweetness and innocence of  life is eluding many of us.

Structures that have defined our life here on earth, like religion and politics, justice systems etc crumble before our eyes. Climate change, among other things, is inducing fear of our own extinction and a sense of powerlessness prevails. In our own lives, challenges have never seemed so big with anxiety impacting many people's lives.

So many of us are worn down, exhausted and sick of trying to find a thread of light. So how do we make sense of being here, in this time and space.

Well, to point out the obvious, for positive change to occur, the old must go! The toxic politics, religion and lack of care for the vulnerable and the planet has to be addressed and dismantled.

Perhaps what is happening is actually a wonderful thing where qualities of  unity, respect, care and faith in the goodness of humanity prepares to be restored. This idea can also be applied in our personal journeys.

Many of us are feeling our personal lives are being dismantled.  I believe we are being called to expand who we are. We are being called to be open to thinking outside existing, comfortable squares. We are being called to acknowledge that we are so much more than a body,  to dig deep and get in touch with our true inner selves that has endless love, healing and wisdom for ourselves and each other. We are being asked to examine our choices and question if  they are really serving us.

As 2019 comes to a close, rather than curse the year leaving us, perhaps we can reflect on what we have learned, what blessings came from hardship and what wisdom can we take with us into 2020.

For me I can say I am learning to control less, pray more, pull myself in to my centre more often and let go of outcomes more so. Externally its been bumpy but internally,  along with some chaos, it's been a process of trusting, healing and letting go.

When we eventually return to our true home in the Spirit World, may we feel blessed that we had this life and know that we never gave up trying to find the thread of light even when we felt temporarily blinded. 

Let's hold vision for ourselves and a healed planet where there is unity, love and care and know deep within that right now is truly the darkness before the dawn.

I will be travelling in December so this is my last blog for 2019, see you in 2020!

A sincere thanks to all of you who have supported this blog and my work.  I truly wish you a fabulous, stress free Xmas and New Year!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month. (although that won't be until 2020 now, wow that sounds weird!) 

Question I have been experiencing panic attacks while driving over the last twelve months and cannot connect any trigger. Does Spirit have any insight? Anonymous   

Answer I sense that you are certainly protected when you are driving as I see two tall angels around you while you are the wheel.  I am drawn to the heart centre and feel its an emotional wound of some sort that tends to rise to the surface when you are driving. It may be because we tend to slip into that relaxed automatic pilot relaxing our left brain when driving allowing the more feeling nature comes up.  Was there some sort of grief a year ago (or possibly further back) or upset that still feels unresolved? I feel by asking this question here in the blog,  you have given it over to source and you can expect a clear answer soon! If it does continue, I would recommend seeing a psychologist, they can be really helpful with these types of anxiety attacks. Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Range may also be a helpful driving companion.

Question I have been offered a job a few days a week in a shop and wonder whether it will continue and will I be up to the mark? Zoya 

Answer I sense a father figure around you in Spirit who is very pleased about this situation.  He says you are never too old for fun and I do feel this job brings some fun as well as some extra pocket money into the mix.  It is a divine intervention situation so enjoy and don't worry about tomorrow.  You will be fine.

Question Will my partner and I find a house to make our home in the up coming future and the get the opportunity for a fresh start? Maddie

Answer I am not sure what the delays have been but I sense not everything has been in place for some reason yet. However, if you continue to remain patient, as you have been, you will see progress in 2020. I sense that your partner is hesitant or is not practically in a position to make this happen quite yet. When it does happen you will be really pleased with the outcome. So definitely yes, but its a matter of the right timing. 

Question Can Spirit guide me on choices around preparing for a relocation in the next year? Kim

Answer  I sense a lovely lady around you in Spirit who brings lots of home grown roses that smell beautiful.  She feels like a mother energy to you and sense she was connected on the family tree. She shows me her hands worked hard and may be on mothers side of the family.  She is trying to uplift your energy and instills positive thoughts.  A relocation is not a bad idea in the next few years but she points out that making peace with where you are now is your challenge.  What I mean is to see your time in your present location as a healing and learning curve and even the tough challenges have bought you wisdom and insight into who you are and how to make better choices that serve you. I like the idea of you living close to water, although not necessarily ocean. I also see you happy in love. There is still lots of living and loving to do ahead. I would not get too anxious about the future quite yet as you have plenty of time. Enjoy now.



  1. Thank you so much Liz.
    My darling Nanna was holding the roses. She has never left my side. I call to here and miss her. I see her smiling at me. Thank you so much. I needed the reassurance as I get caught up and can't see the light. I now feel enlightened .Have a fab holiday. You beautiful soul Liz Blessings Kim💜💛💚💙

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback Kim, so glad your Nanna came through, she had a beautiful energy. Sending you much love x

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