Monday 23 September 2013


Standing in line at the supermarket, I overheard a woman say to her partner that he never bought her flowers.  His comeback was 'well you never buy me any either'

I noticed she rolled her eyes and stared into space.  He had a point in a way, we all need attention and what more beautiful way is there to express love than giving flowers.

Flowers aren't only about expressing love, they are about healing as well and the flowers we are drawn to at any given time can be a remedy for an imbalance, an illness or a pain in our hearts. 

Flower essences, flower scents, pictures of flowers and flowers in pots and vases all emanate their own unique healing energy.  All flowers uplift and inspire and can shake out a bad vibration in just about any space.

Contrary to 'Victorian' meanings of flowers, below is an abbreviated list of flowers for different aliments, based on the book 'Flower Therapy' by Robert Reeves and Doreen Virtue

Happy flower healing!

The flowers below aid in;

  • African Violets;  Cleansing; Purification (good for cleansing a space)
  • Azalea (Rhododendron); deep wisdom/spirituality
  • Banksia; starting anew, releasing the past
  • Bird-of-Paradise; Psychic awareness, connecting to the other  side
  • Bluebell; fun, play, joy
  • Cactus; Protection
  • Camellia; self love and romance
  • Carnations; loyalty in relationships
  • Cherry Blossom; romance and peace within
  • Daffodil; communication, speech
  • Daisy; removing drama and stress, simplifying your life
  • Echinacea; clears third eye, psychic blocks
  • Eucalyptus; receiving
  • Forget-me-not; recall past lives
  • Frangipani; connect to angel realms
  • Gardenia; reduces stress
  • Geranium; heals damage to auras
  • Gerbera; balancing relationships, attracting friendships
  • Heather; heals animals
  • Hibiscus; brings people together
  • Iris; detoxification
  • Jasmine; peace and tranquillity
  • Lavender; reduces anxiety, gives comfort
  • Lotus; meditation and higher guidance
  • Marigolds; overwhelm
  • Nasturtium; protection, balance, abundance

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