Sunday 22 September 2013

Wisdom from White Owl

The woman who sat across from me was perfectly manicured, her glossy blonde hair coiled beautifully around her skull like a snake in deep sleep.  Her long, painted pink nails tapped impatiently on her knee while her wide green eyes darted sharply around the room  and then looked me up and down.

I became aware of the simple summer dress I had picked up off the floor that morning when I had heard my baby crying, I also noticed a baby sick stain that I had carelessly wiped away with a tissue in my haste.  I had a 10am appointment to do a medium reading for a new client, Samantha.

I briefly explained to her the process I was about to undertake to connect  with her loved ones in the Spirit World. She nodded sharply as if I was an imbecile and she already knew everything I was saying. She may as well screamed; 'Get on with it!'

As I closed my eyes to tune in I began to scream inside to my Spirit Guide 'Bloody hell, White Owl, how can I read for this woman, her energy sucks and I just want to go back to bed'  

I heard his familiar chuckle inside my head...calm down little one....let's see what we can do.....I blocked out Samantha's impatient energy as I tried to focus on  White Owl's messages...slowly but surely I was shown a little boy about seven years old on a see saw in a play ground.  I saw Samantha calling him to leave, and they hopped into a car.  I knew intuitively there was a car accident and the little boy had not made it and now Samantha was living with this guilt.  My heart swelled with compassion and I instantly felt guilty for judging this woman so harshly.

I gently related what I was shown and she immediately softened.....her watery eyes merged with black mascara and black tears flowed down her cheeks...grief was clear the way she was coping was by staying in strict control of any detail she could.  Now the healing could begin.

This is a true account of a reading I did about ten years ago, of course I changed the client's name.

The role of a Spirit Guide works in tandem with the medium to access information from the other side. I have many guides that work with me but White Owl is one of my main guides and he has a wicked sense of humour.  I look forward to sharing more with you about White Owl.

For more on my experiences and how I became a medium check out my book;  For the Love of Spirit; A Medium Memoir

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