Wednesday 25 September 2013

Love is in the Air

This morning, it felt like it was finally night was full of tossing and turning and absurdly, face book friends I had never met had entered my dreams.....the Piscean full moon had waned and I finally felt slightly normal...I wandered out to let my chickens out of their tiny cute house and was warmly welcomed by the sound of their claws brushing against the metal mesh mixed with their gentle I took in the 6.30am view of the mountains I spied mulberries on a tree, a magpie raced me, but I won, he flew away as the purple juice of the mulberries stained my occurred to me it is Spring, glorious Spring! Love is in the air, love is always in the air but Spring, I love you!

Welcome to my Blog! I am so glad you are here.  I love to share inspirational, honest, spiritual posts and I would love you to connect with me.

I have spent many years doing medium readings, teaching psychic development, studying astrology, practicing and teaching Reiki, writing articles, being a radio host and more recently, I became an author.  However, I have never blogged and this is a wonderful learning curve for me and I look forward to the journey ahead.


  1. Liz you are The Best at all you do .. I'm so lucky to have your PASSION in my life as you inspire me on a daily basis BIG LOVE TO YOU Liz Xx

    1. Hey Ashlee, thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments, huge hugs back to you x