Tuesday 24 September 2013

 Madness in Mullumbimby 

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in an outdoor Mullumbimby cafe.  A homeless  man, dressed in what looked like a hessian bag with a matching hessian shoulder bag, long brown hair and a kind but weathered face approached me.  

 He said, ever so politely; 'Excuse me Miss, is the password still 528?' 'Pardon?' I replied . He repeated; 'Is the password still 528?'  In that moment I realised he was either on an acid trip or his cognitive cells had been shot long ago. With as much compassion and certainty as I could muster I replied  with a smile  'Absolutely'  He looked so relieved that the password was still 528, he practically skipped away with joy.

I noticed as he skipped away he was almost handsome but it was the joy he emanated that was attractive.

There is a part of us that always stays untarnished and pure. 

No matter how hurt we get, how damaged we think we are, how screwed up your childhood may have been, whether you've been beat up, dumped by the love of your life, abused by your children, sacked, robbed or had plain bad luck.  Yep, there is a part of us that is invincible, made out of some quality that truly is indestructible. It lives inside us and is ever present and in a quiet moment we are given glimpses of it, it's where hope lives, it's the thing that can perform miracle healing, it's the thing that loves us, it is who we really are.

How do we feel it?  Do you need to go to the Himalaya's and meditate? Do you need to be able to stand on your head for six hours? I don't think so, it's under our noses, it's in our breath.  Stop, breathe, close your eyes, listen.  The sound of silence is where you will find you.  One moment of this inner medicine can change the colour of a crazy day. 

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