Sunday 13 October 2013

Angel Shmangels

I never believed in Angels
I never believed in Angels, they had to seduce me, convince me and prove to me they existed.  Many of you may think because I am a medium and have been for many years that surely I must have always believed in Angels. Not true...I never saw them, heard them or felt them so why should I have believed in them.  Okay, dead people , yes I have heard, seen and felt them since I was a kid and the occasional strong experience of a spirit guide, yes.  But Angels? No.  So when in the mid to late 1990's there seemed to be a new face on the spiritual scene, Doreen Virtue ranting and raving about angels, I didn't take much notice to be honest.  

Today, I am a total convert, my house is littered with angel mementos, my garden too. I talk to them all the time, feel them, see them and hear them, I love them.  They have comforted me in hard times and helped me when I have felt much fear.  They entered my life in a strange but real way, in my book 'For the Love of Spirit; A Medium Memoir' I explain what happened. Here is the excerpt;

'For several months I kept hearing a voice in my head saying, ‘There is something wrong with your throat. Get it checked’. Being a busy mother, doing many readings and teaching, I chose to ignore the voice in my head. I felt fine, I had no symptoms.
        During a medium development class, a student picked up a message for me. She said, ‘I am getting a message you need to get your throat checked’. My heart fell into my stomach; I now knew this was important.
        So with my heart in my mouth I went to the local doctor. I asked for a throat scan. At first the doctor was reluctant to give me the referral, as I had no visible symptoms. Exasperated, I told him I ‘had a feeling’ something wasn’t right and eventually he signed the papers I needed for further exploration. Sure enough I had a one-centimetre cancerous growth on the left side of my thyroid gland, which required urgent surgery.
        When I visit that doctor’s surgery now, they often say, ‘Oh, you’re the lady who had a feeling’.
        At the age of forty-five, I was stunned. I thought I was in reasonable health and was unhappy I would lose half my thyroid, possibly all of it, and be on medication for the rest of my life. I began to pray as you do when you are unsure what is ahead and wondering whether you are going to be there for your children as they grow up. I know now the angels were listening to my prayers.
        As I was waiting for the surgery day to arrive, one Saturday morning Dean had taken the children out, and I sat in front of the television feeling quite despondent. A music video show was on, and I was staring at the television without really watching. A music clip called ‘Lips of an Angel’ by a band called Hinder came on. I had never heard of them before, but for some reason it caught my attention and I found myself suddenly alert. As I listened to the song, the room began to fill with a golden light, and I felt an incredible, loving presence. This energy felt different from people who had passed over or from Spirit Guides. This energy was light, ethereal, and joyful. It was also familiar, like connecting with a friend you hadn’t seen for a long time. It is hard for me to describe, but my inner medium knew, deep within, that angels had arrived and that I didn’t have to face this fearful experience on my own. My life from that day on began to change. I felt lighter, happier, and more optimistic than I had for some time.
        In retrospect I understand now what was happening and why it was happening at that time. I was not growing on a spiritual level. I had become stagnant, even slightly arrogant in the sense that I thought I knew it all. I wasn’t learning anything new, and the pressure of surviving financially, caring for a family, and working with people, many of them in crisis, was taking its toll. Being the good Libran woman I am and avoiding conflict at all costs, I was keeping my dissatisfaction inside and not expressing it. That is what the throat chakra and the thyroid gland represents – expression.
        There is nothing like a health scare to shake things up and help you to be open to guidance. The angels must have seen that this was perfect timing for me to connect more closely with them. Now I see they had been there all along, but it was me who was not seeing.
        The surgery was a success. I only lost half my thyroid and didn’t need chemotherapy. Although I was initially put on medication, I healed myself through natural processes to a point I didn’t need the medication, and today, my half of a thyroid works perfectly. A special angel called Mary came to me during my hospital stay and saw me through the whole experience. When I woke from the operation, I  immediately rang Dean, who couldn’t believe how normal I sounded. The doctor seemed almost perplexed that I was talking so clearly, as this is not common so soon after a throat operation.
        A week after my discharge from hospital, I entered a competition in a magazine to win a reading with a famous angel expert. I was thrilled when I was contacted to be informed I had won. I needed a lift at that point. It was a short reading, and I was so excited I could hardly speak once the ‘angel lady’ was there on the telephone. She said I hadn’t been clearing myself thoroughly enough after doing my readings and this had contributed to my illness.
        She encouraged me to keep on with my medium work and said I was doing some wonderful things. She also said the angels were telling me to write and that I could help people through writing. (It was not long after this I starting writing my column for a local newspaper.)
        The angel lady chose an angel oracle card  for me, and the card was called ‘Apollo’, and the key statement was ‘Focus upon Your Strengths’. Apollo is the Greek sun god. She recommended I go into the sunlight after each reading, if possible, and ask for cleansing and to be very diligent. It made so much sense, as I have often heard over the years about other mediums with many health problems, and here I was having problems as well.
        That same day I went shopping, and when I returned there was a large van parked outside my house with the word ‘Apollo’ written on it. I guessed it was someone visiting the neighbours, but I knew in my heart it was a sign from the angels to me.
        After that, I read every book I could on angels, attended angel workshops, and began running my own angel workshops. Today I use angel therapy techniques in my one-on-one medium readings when I sense it can help someone and have seen some amazing healings take place.
        Angels have a higher vibration than Spirit Guides or people who have passed on. When angels are around, you feel a slight change in room temperature, a tingly feeling, or a rush of warmth and love. There is only one golden rule. You must ask for their help, invite them into your life. Angels can only intervene without your permission if it is not your time to pass over. We all have a guardian angel, maybe even more than one, who is with us from birth to death. Then there are the archangels who are in charge of certain areas. For example, Archangel Michael is for protection and Raphael is for healing, and there are many others.
        The comfort and the healing angels bring is amazing. Sometimes when we ask the angels for help, the answer we receive may not be as we expect it to be. The angels will respond in a way that is for our highest good. It may be better or different from the outcome we wanted. Also, the angels work in Divine time, not human time. Divine time may be quicker or slower than what we are used to.
        Often the angels will show us they are around. It is no coincidence that we see a white feather in an unexpected location after we have asked the angel for assistance. Alternatively, we might hear an angel song on the radio, or see an angel shape in a cloud, or the word ‘angel’ written in a magazine or as a shop or street sign. This is a sure sign that the angels have heard our request and are acknowledging their presence to us. Sometimes, in times of difficulty or illness, such signs and symbols can be of great comfort.
          Once, after leaving an angel workshop and feeling very happy and on a natural high,

 I decided to go for a walk. As I walked past a coffee shop a little girl about three years old

 was sitting with her mother at an outside table. The little girl pointed to me and said to her 
mother loudly, ‘Look, Mummy, angels’. Her mother gave me an embarrassed smile, and I just beamed right back. It was confirmation for me that the angels were with me.'
My message to you is to keep an open mind and to ask the angels if they are real to let you know in no uncertain terms that they are. I am willing to bet that you won't be disappointed if your request comes from the heart.
I was proud to publish my very first book this year.

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