Friday 11 October 2013

Facebook Addiction and Etiquette

'How dare they share my post without liking it!' I mumbled to my self one sleepy morning at 6am. For goodness sake, tell someone who cares I thought as I scrolled down to a post about someone's child who had wet the bed.  'The world is full of arseholes', says another post.  What rubbish I think but I cannot stop scrolling, the clock is ticking, I have a million things to do...I must share something...and it has to be good..I don't want to share just anything...and the clock keeps ticking....eek, my son will miss the school bus if I don't tear myself away....just one more share...quick.....I rush around like a mad woman attending to my chores with added gusto just so I can get back to see how many likes on my post...a quick glance will do, a longer one would be better, hopeless...hopelessly addicted to you Facebook.

Facebook has me hook, line and sinker and it seems I am not alone as the latest stats show 1.26 BILLION users are on each one these billionths like me? Forgetting to do the dishes, get the kids to school and find themselves skipping the gym? Occasionally there are rumours that Facebook is becoming less popular but I don't believe it, it's here to stay it seems.  Those of us who are addicted have already integrated it into our lives somehow and aren't about to give it up.  In the past I gave up cigarettes and more recently coffee but I am not about to give up Facebook...Facebook is like one giant friend, with friends in your face. When my internet crashed for a few days I found myself finding excuses to go out where there was free WiFi, the withdrawals were terrible.

Okay, so I accept I am a Facebook addict and for now I am fine with that. So many of us feel isolated and alone even when we have people around us and I believe that is the success of Facebook and social connects us on a level like never before.  But what about face book etiquette, manners? Maybe it's my Virgo moon sign but I would love to see some rules of Facebook conduct such as;
  1. Do not share a post without liking it first, it's like buying a cake at the shop and telling everyone you baked it.
  2. If you decide to have a break from Face Book, have one...don't make such dramatic exits only to post or like something ten minutes later. Makes you look flaky.
  3. Don't argue with your lover for the world to see or for that matter have sex with them on Facebook, some things are best kept private
  4. Facebook is a great tool for spreading social awareness and issues that are so important but keep it balance.  Politics, religion and social injustices should be posted sensitively and should not bombard your news feed. It gives people a reason to unlike your page. In fact sometimes it seems more effective to send those posts/petitions via message to friends.
  5. If you have a specific message and passion about something, start a page just for that and then people can choose whether they want to be part of it.
  6. Lighten up, Facebook is like being at one big ongoing party and you don't go to a party to share all your woe. 
I would love any of you to comment here any of your ideas for Facebook etiquette.  EEK, I have to go and check my Facebook stats before I have to work, see you there on fb.

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