Tuesday 8 October 2013

What Happens When We Die?

Our true home is in the Spirit World

I held my horse’s head in my arms as the Vet administered the needle to put her down…Lou,  my old mare was such a loving, docile soul and my heart hurt to see her in so much pain…the Vet asked me did I want to go inside while he did it but I said no, I want her to know I am here for her….as the needle went in I stared into her beautiful big brown eyes and then, in one moment, the eyes became vacant…no one lived there anymore, Lou was gone. 
  It is the only time in my life, way back in 1982, that I ever saw a life leave a living body and it had a profound effect on me.  When life leaves a body, the body has no purpose, no energy.

What is it like in when we die?  I cannot claim to know all the details with unwavering certainty but I can share with you the insights I have received over my many years as a medium.

 From what I can gather the actually passing over is well organized with loved ones ready to greet you. When a relative of mine passed away, she sat up with arms outstretched moments before her death as though someone was collecting her. Once the transition has been made, it seems that there is some type of life review.  Your Spirit Guides and wiser souls are there to help you review the life you have just lived to make an assessment of how you did, based on a different perspective to the one we have here and  I assume it is one of complete objectivity.

The goal of the life review if to ascertain whether the soul has developed and learned the lessons that were chosen and mapped out before they were born. Apparently we all have come to expand our awareness as souls and develop higher qualities. For example, perhaps your soul came to learn compassion and independence. Therefore you may have chosen to be born into a family situation that would support those lessons and influence you accordingly.

Certain people will be destined to appear at important times as well as some destined events to also help you learn and develop. The rest of life and it’s challenges it seems that perhaps  we are on our own with our free will, making decisions and creating consequences. Apparently, there will be no one to judge you except yourself at the end., albeit your higher self or wiser self.

 One of the hardest things I have seen in my work is the regrets of those who have passed on when they realize the consequences of their actions while they were here. Many people have no idea of the ripple effect of their actions until they have passed over and then, of course,  it is too late.

Often these souls try very hard to make it up to their loved ones left behind.  This can be one of the best things about mediumship, an opportunity to heal for both parties involved. Unfinished business can sometimes be sorted,  leaving closure and a sense of peace for those in Spirit and those left behind.  You can imagine what it would be like to get to the other side, find you are absolutely fine, albeit without the physical body but have no phone to ring home. How frustrating that would be! This is why often in a medium reading you will get people you weren’t particularly close to or perhaps a family member you never even met. It is a great opportunity for them to communicate back here which is rare.

I always think the Spirit World will be something special
I assume decisions are made during the life review of what comes next but I am not sure to be honest what happens then. Whether we choose to come back and try again or perhaps we want to relax in the beauty of the spirit world.  Apparently the Spirit World is beautiful to such a degree that we can’t even imagine it. I have absolutely no doubt that life goes on, I have witnessed so many evidential experiences.  One of my first readings with a medium many years ago floored me. Not only did she reveal specific information about my father who had passed over, she mentioned my mother’s name and recent activities I had been involved in. It was a life changing experience that gave me so much comfort knowing that life goes on. I have no doubt that eventually we are reunited with those we love

.In the meantime it is important we make the most of our time left here on earth, I am sure that is what our loved ones in Spirit would want! I also feel it what our higher selves want. Each moment will never be returned while here, embrace all of it, the good and the bad because each drop of life will expand who we are. 

 Remember also that not a moment goes by where we are not loved by a higher power....all really is well !

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