Tuesday 15 October 2013

Full Moon In Aries; Lunar Eclipse 18th/19th October

There is a big full moon building this week, perhaps you have been feeling it already. So let's take a closer look at what it is about...Key words; intensity, unexpected, beginnings and endings, global conflict.

Any full moon accentuates and exaggerates existing conditions and goes to the feeling and heart of matters...throw in a lunar eclipse and it makes the exaggeration aspect triple in strength as it shines an extra light on hidden aspects of a situation.
Aries is confrontational,  strong, dynamic, courageous, risk taking and action oriented. It rules wars, battles and physical action.  Aries can cope with  conflict and almost needs conflict to grow and expand.  So if you combine Aries with a super duper exaggerated full moon, you may begin to understand why this full moon is bound to be intense.

Because it is opposite to the current Sun in Libra (full moons are always in the opposite sign of the current sun position) we have the Aries/Libra polarity playing out this weekend which of course is often about relationships.  Hidden or unaddressed issues will come to the surface, not only in love relationships but any relationships can be the target, so if you are single don't think you are safe from this probability.  Aries energy is not particularly sensitive so don't expect subtlety, be ready for open confrontations.

The positives are that any unspoken tensions can be released and relationships can move on to a deeper level or in some cases relationships disintegrate and cycles complete.

It is common with eclipses that we see major global events, sometimes earth changes, (although more common with solar eclipses) and perhaps uprisings, news on wars or major political upheavals.  

The full moon this weekend also makes a square aspect to the current placement of Jupiter in Cancer which suggests that family issues or members could well be the focus of conflict, confrontation or hopefully resolving issues that have been long standing.  

Now is a good time to focus on getting in a good head space, remembering the atmosphere will be intense and although we will be tempted to react without thinking under these influences, it would be wiser to resist and attempt to think before acting.

Although  the full moon will take place Saturday 19th at 10.30am in 25 degrees Aries Sydney time, we will really feel it Friday onwards through to Sunday.  

Regardless of the conflict of it all there is also an underlying excitement about a full moon lunar eclipse and it may give us the spark and the courage to take a plunge and do something exciting so do remember to enjoy it as well. 

Happy Full Moon, prepare, be brave and party!


I forgot to mention that Aries is also enthusiastic and positive energy and these energies will also be accentuated and then this morning in my meditation, my Spirit Guides informed me that although there are many endings for us right now, there is also a portal opening like never before where we can access higher energy more easily, we are shifting our consciousness collectively up to the next, higher vibration again where our thoughts will manifest quicker and we can receive more than we could imagine if we are receptive. I believe that the lunar eclipse this weekend will herald the beginning of this new portal, time to celebrate!

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