Thursday 10 October 2013

Ch Ch Changes...and face the strain..Ch Ch Changes....

Butterflies always symbolize change to me, as do snakes.

When I studied psychology, the first unit we studied described how one can control the major percentage of variables in one’s environment.  We can control the temperature of a room, we can choose to save money and we can choose to eat the right foods and so on.  Quite true to some extent but what about the variables we can’t control?  What about if someone dies or you are retrenched from your job?

 Change is one of the only things we can be guaranteed in life.  From the moment we are conceived we begin to change and grow.  I firmly believe that it is the major turning points of change in our life that are the most significant in terms of inner, soul growth.   As painful and devastating major changes can be, we are often never quite the same again.   It is where we truly gain valuable wisdom and in the long term are able to enlighten and support others as well.

Significantly, there is often a’ bigger picture’ to major change that we fail to see in the early event. For example, a woman gets breast cancer, then recovers and goes on in life to support many other women going through the same thing.   A person is retrenched from their job after thirty years of faithful service and is mortified.   However, within twelve months they are in a much better job and happier than they have been for years, perhaps developing skills that were long dormant.  I guess the saying; ‘it will work out for the best’ is often true.

When someone dies that is close to us it can be one of the most significant catalyst for transformation in our lives.  A natural response is to go within on a deep level looking for answers.  The grief can be unbearable and painful yet beyond the grief, deep within, our soul cries out for help. This is what brings us closer to our authentic, true self where real healing of our hearts can begin.   Death in our lives also helps us to prioritize and teaches us to live our life more fully as it brings to light our own mortality.

So it seems none of us are immune to major change at some point in our life and the part we get to control is how we accept and deal with it. Do we embrace it or do we deny it isn’t happening and hope it will go away and revert back to how it was before when it felt ‘safe’?
Embracing change means acknowledging what is happening and facing our fears.   Once our fears are faced they don’t seem quite as bad.  It is at these points in our lives it is important to utilize out support systems such as family and friends.   If you are lacking in support, perhaps seek out professional assistance.  Also, try to maintain an objective perspective by remembering that there is always a bigger picture that we can’t see and have a bit of faith in the universe.   They say you will only be given the challenges that you are ready to deal with even if you feel incompetent.

Most of all, major change in our lives is a time to be very gentle on ourselves, nurture ourselves, seek out healing and avoid harsh environments and people who aren’t supportive.  We are often sensitized at these times as we process what’s happening.  Also, remember that you are supported by your angels, guides and loved ones in spirit that are only a thought and a prayer away.

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