Monday 21 October 2013

Dealing with our Inner Angst

Oh my god, oh my god, perhaps I have Cancer, what if I fail, perhaps they don't like me, what will people think,  perhaps my loved one will die and what will happen to me...what if I collapse on my own and no one knows, what if I get mugged or murdered.....these are the ramblings my mind has gone on about quite often, particularly when I am feel fatigued, flat or burnt out.  Fear is part of life and it seems and anxiety is at an all time high.  It can be debilitating. 

Many years ago, after an awful car accident and a marriage breakdown that happened around the same time, I suffered huge anxiety attacks that always happened in the car. My psychologist said at the time that in my head I had strung two unpleasant experiences together and decided that driving a car was dangerous.  It took me ten years until I could confidently drive a car anywhere.  I tried all the usual recommendations but nothing seemed to work.

Emergency Essence healed my anxiety
Around the ninth year I started taking 'Emergency Essence' from the Australian Bush Flower range two or three times a day.  It is similar to 'Rescue Remedy' in the Bach Flower Essences range.  This particular combination is for shock, panic, distress and fear.  The positive outcome of taking the essence is to give one the ability to cope. As it says on the website;

'Excellent for any emotional upset. It has a calming effect during a crisis. If a person needs specialised medical help, this Essence will provide comfort until treatment is available. Administer this remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary, until the person feels better.'
(The flower essences in this mix are; Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah.)

Generally this essence is for an 'Emergency' but I felt guided to take it like an anti depressant and I did so daily and after around six months I started to feel like I could drive a bit further without having an anxiety attack. To my relief I was able to drive anywhere without incident from that time on and I have remained free of attacks ever since.  I still get anxious like many of us at times and I always carry emergency essence on me and it always takes the edge off and calms me down.  Even earlier this year after an adverse reaction to a tick bite, the emergency essence on the way to the hospital calmed me considerably. I highly recommend it, it is inexpensive and available in most health food shops and also online for around $10.

I believe when we feel anxiety we become ungrounded and our Spirit is knocked out of our body and that is why we often feel light headed when anxious. Our base chakra located at the base of our spine goes out of alignment when suffering anxiety and the flower essences work on our energy bodies as well as our conscious bodies. Conscious deep breathing can be helpful during an anxiety attack because it also brings us back into our bodies. Focusing on something around us also helps as it brings us into the now.  Focus on a picture on the wall or a tree nearby, breathe it in and bring yourself back to the present.

Fear and anxiety robs us of  quality of life, prevents us discovering more about ourselves and limits our experiences in the short time we are here. 

With the fast tracked pace of modern life it's important we develop stress management that works for us.  Know ourselves.  Perhaps for you physical exercise is your remedy or a walk in the park or a chat to a friend.  For me its my bush flowers, meditation and praying to Archangel Michael, the best trouble shooting angel to call on. Positive affirmations, extra rest and a good diet makes a huge difference to me also. 

I  have learned that I can't watch violent movies either, it feeds my fear.

 What ever works for you, find out what it is so that you can enjoy your life more fully, at the end of the day and the end of our lives we want to know we made the most of our precious time here.

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