Friday 25 October 2013

What is in our hearts?

Once I sat in a spiritual group where the leader of the group was a sound therapist.  I wasn't very open at the time, I was highly suspicious of this woman who spontaneously would break out into guttural type sounds that made me want to laugh and run all at once.  To top it off she said that Jesus was her spirit guide and to be honest I decided then and there she was a kook and I would just sit and suffer the next hour or so.

Closed down and switched off, what happened next surprised me.  She began to come to each individual in the group and sing over our heads while waving her hands around the crown of each of our heads.  She explained that whatever is in our hearts, truly in our reflected in the crown chakra.  Then she gave us each a message.

I observed as she passed messages to the others and watched their faces light up in recognition.
When she came to me and sang her eerie song over my head, my fists clenched. I felt exposed and naked.  She said; 'Nature is in your heart, you can't live without it and I see you living in the country and in this house you will find much inner peace'  
Uncannily, at that time, my husband and I were trying to close a long, drawn out deal on a house in the country.  This woman was absolutely correct, we got the house and I still live there now.  The time I have been here I have felt a strong sense of peace.

Sitting here now I wonder how I can work out what's in my heart based on her I sit quietly where no one is around....I place my hands on the top of my head, take a few breaths and I pray; 'Dear Spirit' what is in my heart right now?  After a while of sitting and waiting, I see a visual in my mind of myself meditating and praying. Then, I see myself writing.  I hear the words 'write about your passion, write about what moves you'  I feel relieved because lately, being so engaged in commitments and responsibilities, I have been doubting my direction with writing. 

 If you're game, give it a go, you may learn what is in your heart.

Many times I have wished I could remember the name of this woman so I could thank her. She has no idea that she taught me so much. My arrogance that day almost robbed me of a precious moment of wisdom and insight.

Moral of the story? Just because someone may be acting like a fool, it doesn't mean they are one, look for the gift in each other.

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